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Toddler Academic Program - 18 Months to 3 Years

The period from birth to age 6 is a crucial time in a child’s development. Children learn from what they see, hear, taste, smell, feel and sense around them.


Here is a description of the Toddler Room academic program:

Practical Life

The practical life activities teach the child to do things for himself. The child will learn to complete a meaningful task from beginning to end. The activities help to build concentration skills and to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The children learn to dress themselves and to care for the classroom. It is common to see a child working with tongs, rolling pins, pitchers of water, clothespins, spoons for transferring between bowls, brooms and dustpans, etc.



The children will develop all their senses. They will see the difference between colours, hear loud and soft sounds, smell pleasant flowers and unpleasant scents, feel rough and smooth textures, taste sour lemons and salty crackers, and so on.


Language and Communication

A toddler’s language and speech skills are developing every day. Every day, the teachers enrich the children’s vocabulary through songs, finger plays, reading stories, looking at books and enjoying conversation. When ready, the children are introduced to lower case letters and the phonetic sounds that each letter makes.


Cultural Activities

The children will learn about different places and different people in our world through stories, objects and pictures. We discuss the different types of animals and plants that cover our planet. We experience simple science experiments like mixing salt with water to make a solution or mixing yellow and blue water to make green water.



The French language is introduced through songs and stories. Various sets of vocabulary are taught in a group lesson.



Music is part of our daily activities. The children listen to different styles of music (ex: classical, rock) and sing songs daily.


Movement / Outdoor Play / Indoor Play

Movement is essential for growing healthy bodies. The children enjoy outdoor play in our fenced playground every day, weather permitting. We enjoy indoor movement games and dancing. We also enjoy indoor playtime with various toys such as large lego, wooden trains, and puppets.

Toddler Learning
toddler playing with blocks

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